AeroCare - Air Quality Management

The air that you breathe indoors is continuously recycled, causing a buildup of pollutants that can have adverse health effects. AeroCare by ActiveBuildingsTM monitors and optimizes the quality of your indoor air to make it healthy, safe and comfortable.

Key Features

AeroCare monitors and reduces critical indoor air quality components like:

  • Atmospheric particulate matter like PM2.5, PM10 and PM 0.1
  • Harmful chemical pollutants and aerosols
  • CO & CO2 levels

Our sensors understand the micro-climate of your environment and regulates it by connecting with the existing ventilation systems. This automation capability enables higher adoption in retrofit and optimizes your indoor environments for better health and productivity.

Reduced indoor pollutants

Replaces stale indoor air containing harmful pollutants with natural air flow, to improve air quality and reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission.

Keep Humidity levels under check

The level of humidity and moisture in the air affects the ability of our immune system to fight infections. Optimum thermal comfort enhances the productivity and overall health of occupants.