The air in your home is 2-10 times worse than the air outside.

Our data focussed approach analyses twenty three distinct data points within each indoor space to conclusively determine the best solutions for making your indoor air quality most conducive to health and productivity.


Accurate Devices

We use reliable highly advanced technology, which is certified by RESET and accepted world over as the standard of performance-driven data quality to make indoor living spaces efficient, sustainable and healthy.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

We use a tier system to determine costs so you can future proof your buildings. If the solutions deployed at your facility do not show effective results, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

Plug-n-play Design

Devices dealing with complex data don't have to be complex. We have built user friendly devices that can be controlled remotely. Installation takes less time than it takes to finish your coffee. It’s so simple it doesn’t need a user manual.

Health and Cost Benefits

With our real time data you will be able to realise cost benefits by optimising HVAC and filtration systems all while giving your residents clean air to breathe which is known to improve life expectancy and productivity.

Our Services

The air that you breathe indoors is continuously recycled, causing a buildup of pollutants that can have adverse health effects. AeroCare by ActiveBuildingsTM monitors and optimizes the quality of your indoor air to make it healthy, safe and comfortable see more...

Smart saver helps you identify the problem in your ventilation systems and connects with your building's existing ventilation system to analyse fresh air needs and helps reduce the cost of cooling fresh air.see more...

CleanBot monitors whether an indoor space has been disinfected as per schedule and automates UV light disinfection for quick impact. The UV light damages microorganisms to ensure any pathogens on the surfaces are destroyed. The solution also automates scheduling and tracking for manual disinfection of spaces see more...


It has worked flawlessly. The data from the sensors has enabled us to further better our services to our clients. We look forward to integrate the sensors in our future projects.

We would like to utilize ActiveBuildings™ in all of our projects.


Securing the future of buildings, residents and the environment

The world as we know it today has not been the same and will not be the same. The urbanisation we welcome, leaves a harmful impact on the environment. We understand that while urbanisation is important for evolution, the environment cannot be bearing the brunt of it. ActiveBuildings recognises that the world can’t stop running until the environment gets better, but we certainly can protect ourselves from the harmful effects of a rapidly changing environment.


We let a team of experts who understand crucial environmental data lead us to bring out a range of green, clean solutions with supreme emphasis on mitigating the risk to human lives from harmful, deadly pollutants.

We are a homegrown company, with certifications of global repute that lends additional credibility to our solutions. We believe in harnessing the power technology in India to develop for and within India and have been endowed by government grants as a recognition of our efforts.

Indoor facilities means less operational costs and reduced energy consumption, which helps in our mission to prioritise sustainability and the longevity of the buildings we live and work in.


Meet our team of experts from diverse technical backgrounds to help you with your IAQ needs.

Abhinav Gupta


Priyans Murarka


Daniel Hersson


MP Chugh


Akshaya Kumar


We understand that trusting new systems can be a challenge.

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